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The Materials Research Society-Taiwan(MRS-T) is a privately funded professional organization, which is composed of a group of scientists, engineers and students engaging in materials technology research and related activities.
The idea behind its formation was conceived by Prof. Lee Tseng-Min. He had then returned to Taiwan from The United States in 1967 as a visiting professor. Having then shared his vision with two other academics, Dr. Lu Tze-Hung, the former principal of National Taiwan University and General Tang Guin-Bor, the President of The Chung-Shan Research Institute, the trio then gathered together twenty-four overseas and forty national academics to officially form the Society on September 15, 1968.

Today, the total membership of MRS-T has exceeded 1800, with 1300 of them remaining very active, keeping in touch with one another. These members are either living in Taiwan or overseas. MRS-T does not only have a long history, but it is also well-organized with a large active membership.