Significant milestones
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1、MRS-T was founded on September 15, 1968 in Taipei, and its Board of Directors were elected soon after its founding. It then assigned a three member team, including Mr. Lee, Mr. Gur and Mr. Wei to set-up the MRS-T division in the United States of America. The following May, another member, Mr. Huang, was sent to Japan to set-up another division.
2、MRS-T commissioned Professor Chian of the Department of Arts, at the National Normal University to design its logo in 1971.
3、MRS-T founder, Mr. Lu, died of ill health in 1973. Mr. Yeh, then the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Fu-Shin College of Business and Industry, was commissioned to carve out a half-length statue of Mr. Lu. In memory of Mr. Lu, the completed statue was placed to stand at the entrance of the Tzi-Hung Building in The National Taiwan University. Today, you can still see the statue in the same location.
4、In February 1978, MRS-T signed an "authorization agreement" with NTIS in the U.S.A.. MRS-T gave away its first Lu Tze-Hung memorial award right after the Medal Committee was founded in 1979.
5、On March 17, 1979, the Electron Microscopy Committee was established. With the assistance provided by MRS-T, this committee, subsequently went on to become The Electron Microscopy Society in the Republic of China
6、After securing the copyrights to the Materials Handbook for 30 years from Ministry of the Interior, MRS-T edited and published Volumes 1 and 2 of this Handbook in 1983. On December 23, 1986 MRS-T jointly-organized The International Composites Materials and Structures Symposium with Leighhigh University.
7、MRS-T sponsored and set-up the Morris Cohen Lecture at MIT in July 1987. In 1988, it organized the 1988 World Materials Meeting with ASM. In November of 1989 it participated in the American IMRC and assisted in its founding. IMRC later became IUMRS.

8、In July 1990, MRS-T invited eighty outstanding professors and researchers through-out Taiwan to a meeting to promote academic standards. It was decided at this meeting that MRS-T would acquire the rights to manage, sell and distribute International Periodicals. In September 1990, it established The Solid Interior Wear Committee.